Previous litters

Previous Litters

Chikadee's L litter born 20-05-2014

Chikadee's Lay All Your Love On Me

Chikadee's Let It Be Me

Chikadee's Let Me Hear Your Voice

Chikadee's Life Is Magic

Chikadee's Long Distance Love

Chikadee's Love Me Forever

Chikadee's Loyal Leader

Chikadee's Luxury Dressed In Red

Chikadee's J litter born 16-01-2013

Chikadee's Joy Of Living

Chikadee's Just Follow Your Dream

Chikadee's Just Let Them Talk

Chikadee's Just One Hell O' A Copy

Chikadee's Just Tell Me A Secret

Chikadee's Just Whisper My Name

Chikadee's H litter born 01-05-2012

Chikadee's Hazel Might Be 4 You

Chikadee's Hot To Handle 4 Everyone

Chikadee's F  litter born 22-11-2010

Chikadee's Failing Is Not An Option

Chikadee's Faithfully Yours Forever

Chikadee's Flavour Of The Season

Chikadee's Forgive But Don't Forget

Chikadee's Frequency Of Love

Chikadee's Funky Business

Chikadee's D  litter born 12-09-2008

Chikadee's Dance Till You Drop

Chikadee's Dashing With The Wind

Chikadee's Daylight As You Love It

Chikadee's Diamond And Pearls

Chikadee's Diamond In Red

Chikadee's Do It Against All Odds

Chikadee's Do It Yourself

Chikadee's Dynamic And Born To Fly

Chikadee's B  litter born 03-09-2005

Chikadee's Bang On

Chikadee's Before You Know It

Chikadee's Believ'n Me

Chikadee's Believe It Or Not

Chikadee's Below The Sea

Chikadee's Bless Your Little Heart

Chikadee's Blow By Blow

Chikadee's Boom Blash Baby

Chikadee's Bubble Seen Double

Chikadee's Bubbles Of Life

Chikadee's M  litter born 18-02-2015

Chikadee's Make My Day

Chikadee's Makeover - Not Needed

Chikadee's Makes People Talk

Chikadee's Makes The Difference

Chikadee's Messages To Be Told

Chikadee's P litter born 01-01-2016

Chikadee’s Practice not needed
Chikadee’s Private members only

Chikadee’s Passbook to upper class

Chikadee’s Performance overexcited

Chikadee’s Persuasive performer

Chikadee’s Pretty without styling

Chikadee’s Plenty of true successes

Chikadee’s Personality of a queen

Chikadee’s Passion for luxury

Chikadee’s Paintbrush not needed

Chikadee’s Positive life in red

Chikadee’s Painted in luxury red

Chikadee's S litter born 02-02-2017

Chikadee's Sound Of Seduction

Chikadee's Speed Limit Not Needed

Chikadee's Special Edition

Chikadee's Soaked In Luxury

Chikadee's Sorry I'm Taken

Chikadee's Sorry I'm Hot You're Not

Chikadee's See By Chloe

Chikadee's W litter born 02-06-2018

Chikadee's Who said I'm sorry?

Chikadee's When you believe in love

Chikadee's Who said so

Chikadee's Work your way up

Chikadee's Worth every penny

Chikadee's C litter born 05-04-2019

Chikadee's Caboom Shake The Room

Chikadee's Cuchulainn

Chikadee's Charming And Oh So Original

Chikadee's Come And Catch Me

Chikadee's Crackling Red Diamond

Chikadee's Crush On You

Chikadee's Call Me Cayley

Chikadee’s G litter born 16-11-2019

Chikadee’s Go And Google It
Chikadee’s Gold Rush
Chikadee’s Crack A Stack
Chikadee’s Genie In A Bottle
Chikadee’s Ginger Nut
Chikadee’s Gateway To Heaven

Chikadee’s Go Get Em Gorgeous